Spotting is frightening

I've had spotting off and on since June 10th. I chalked the first few days to Implantation bleeding. It stopped for a few days then started again. I'm thinking that was due to my cervix being sensitive. I ended up going to the ER last night because I got caught up in negative thoughts. They took blood, did a pelvic exam, and a transvaginal ultrasound. My cervix is still closed and everything looked good on the ultrasound although there wasn't really anything to see yet. My hcg level was 470 which he said for 5 weeks would be towards the low end bit still within range. Which based off of my last cycle (may 13th) I would be 5 weeks but I ovulate fairly late and I know that I ovulated on May 30th so I am only in my 4th Week which puts 470 a tiny bit higher than normal range. I have an appointment tomorrow with my regular ob and I am praying that everything is still ok with my little bean.