Stop drilling into new mothers heads that it's just bloat

Who cares? Some of you constantly tell people who have just found out that they're pregnant that it's just bloat and it's not a baby bump. I'm sorry but what exactly is all that bloat from? From the baby... correct? Well if they want to feel like their bigger than normal stomach is due to the amazing thing their body is doing, let them! Is it really hurting you or affecting you in anyway shape or form? Why can't we just be happy for each other and show each other love! For some of us, each other is all we have! For some of these new moms, that "bloat" you keep drilling into their head is all they will ever get from that baby if God forbid they miscarry. So if they want to take 50 pictures of their "bloat" just let them! Let them have something to remember their baby by! I'm only posting this because here I am laying in bed feeling my baby at 21 almost 22 weeks thinking to myself, it's not a bump it's just bloat because when I first found out that's what was drilled into my head by some of these women. Let's stop saying it's just bloat and just be happy for them!