Am I wrong for feeling like this, I know it's none of my business but I don't want anything to happen

I go to see my mum yesterday and she was with the man who nearly got her arrested last year. He gets into a fight and the police get called and he leaves a machette in her car under her seat. She could of nearly ended up in prison. She couldn't do the breathalyzer and so she also lost her licence.

He going to end up getting her locked up, not to mention he's closer to my age than hers. I can't get over his age, and he acts like a child. Each time I tried talking to her he interrupted, it was so annoying. He all over her right in front of me, it was disgusting.

Whats even worse is she has a boyfriend and I hate cheaters. She's cheating on him, I just can't help but hate her for it. I feel bad for her boyfriend. I know she's a grown woman and can do what she likes but it's bothering me, I can't even take her seriously right now