Boyfriend problems

Usually I don't post my problems to the world. But I need some support. 
I started dating this guy several months ago. We've known eachother for years. And I think we're pretty serious. He claims that he "loves me" but he's not very good at showing it. We live literally an hour apart. And I ALWAYS drive to see him. Frequently. He hasn't been working the majority of the relationship so i don't complain about him not coming to me because of the gas. 
But a couple days ago I had surgery and he's said he'd come to see me the day of my surgery. But he hasn't. And he just got mad at me for being bummed about him not coming today. 
He just got a new job the other and he said he'd come when he got off for the past 2 days. But now he "can't come because he doesn't have any gas". But he gets gas for everything else he wants to do. "Wait until I get paid, I'm going to take you out". That's cool. But I really wanted him to show up for my comfort. Just sit with me, you know? I can't go anywhere or do anything. 
Am I being selfish ?