Not enjoying being a mum

Nervous to say this but hear goes, im 5 weeks ppd past week or so ive been getting more and more down i do have some days but they dont useually last all day. I never thought being a mum would be so hard i have a very unsettled baby so dont get much sleep, i just keep thinking i wish i never had him but then i feel terrible for thinking it, i do love him im just exhausted and think maybe im getting ppd. My husband is home for about 3 hours a day and we fight every day he lies to me about money all the time and im so sick of it, i would have left him long ago but i moved from the uk to Australia to be with him and feel stuck i have no family and the only friends hear are work friends so i can't really confide in them. I think all the time how i wish i could just dissappear im so sick of life right now.i have tried talking to my husband but he is rubbish with emotions and quite immature, i am close to his mum but she always sticks up for him and herself isn't aware of depression and how to handle things well. Ive just found out my husband gambled after work this is a ongoing issue he promises he will quit but never does and i had to push him to admit it he made up 3 stories first but i knew they were bs. I dont know what to do i feel trapped and now i have a baby to look after