Are we together or am I just DELUSIONAL!!

Okay so I've been with this guy for 7 months and we were talking for four months before I thought we got together and made things official we've shared so many special moments it feels like we've been together forever and we've even told each other that we love one another but I was talking to him recently and I asked just to be curious (because I thought we were in a relationship) "where do we stand as of now how do you think we're going?" And he replied "when you have done things to bring us together we will be, right now I'm just waiting" SO LIKE IM FUCKING LOST WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN??? maybe I'm delusional because j thought we were in a relationship for 7 months and apparently were not in the same page like how do I reply to that and WTF do I do?? Like did he break up with me and not say anything OR???? And I crazy right now SOMEBODY PLEASE GIVE SOME ADVICE before I prepare to rip this man a new asshole!!! Am I just tripping or should I be upset like what to do and has anybody else been through this????