Comedy and sweetness. Boy on point.


So, my boyfriend did the silliest sweetest thing and made me super happy. I had been complaining that my purse was too small and that I couldn't fit anything inside it. A couple days ago he says he got me something and sends me a picture of this HUGE my little pony bag and said "Since you been complaining about your purse being so small." I got a laugh out of it and joked around with him because he made it seem like I was actually supposed to use it. XD

The next day he came over and brought said bag. I just asked him why he brought it and what I was going to do with a bag so big. lmao. He told me I should carry it around again. I dismissed it and didn't even look inside like a loser. My sister came in and said there was something inside. I looked inside to find another reasonably sized purse he got me. 😍😍😍 It was so thoughtful and sweet. He's so amazing. Guys who show thought and effort are such a gift. I went from a relationship where him sticking around and dealing with my shit was supposed to satiate my need for showing love to this!!! Sometimes bad things happen so that better things can come. ❤❤❤