The cervix and when it rises and softens


Okay so a couple of my friends are pregnant. They asked me when the cervix is supposed to get soft and high. Now if you don't know what your cervix is, it is the opening in your vagina that leads to the uterus and is what baby comes out of. Depending on the stage in your cycle it can be low and firm like the tip of your nose or high and soft like your lips or softer. The question they both gave me however is:

When does the cervix rise and get soft during pregnancy and can it be a sign of miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy?

I'm not a doctor and i am a nurse but i don't work in that field particularly. But I've been tracking my cycle for a long time. And i also know everyone is different.

My main point is mine didn't rise or soften AT ALL until 15 weeks pregnant! So it is not a good indicator of miscarriage unless you are bleeding or a sign you are pregnant at the very beginning after ovulation. My friend's was soft and high at 8 weeks. So it really varies. Hopefully some of those wondering can read this and it eases them a bit. :) good luck all my mamas and future mamas!