He's mad because I hid it

I've always gone in for routine check ups & again when I had sex with someone new (a total of 5). My SO of two years was very promiscuous when he was younger and he ended up giving me an std. Not long after I slept with him for the first time, I got a pap test done and it came back positive for hpv. My first abnormal pap in my entire life. I didn't tell him because I didn't think he wanted to discuss my gyno appointment. Now, years later, my doctor did a biopsy to check for cervical cancer. I didn't tell him because when I told him about the std, he beat himself up for months and I didn't want to make him feel like that again (1) if it's nothing and there's no reason to worry and (2) I don't want him to beat himself up when I don't even know 100% that it came from him. I just wanted to be strong. My Facebook was open and he saw a message from a close friend (who currently has cancer, she's the only one I told and that is why) saying "how did your biopsy come back" and I answered that I didn't have any answers yet. He asked me about it and I told him everything and apologized. Now he's mad at me and will not talk to me because I hid it and "we're not best friends" and I "didn't fucking care to mention it to him". I've never lied/hidden anything aside from this from him and my intentions were good but either way, I hid it so therefore, I lied. I'm having a hard enough time going through this and now he's mad at me, is ignoring my presence all together, and will not speak to me. What do I do?