He doesn't understand *Updated*

I've been going out with my current boyfriend on and off for a year and some change now and he sometimes questions why I don't like to have sex with him sometimes.. and I don't like talking about it but to get to the point when me and him were broken up I dated this boy (now ex boyfriend) he seemed like a really nice guy and we dated for two months and one day I was at his house and me and him ended up having sex and he took my virginity I just trusted him so much an I felt comfortable around him but then after me and him broke up we were arguing and he was like "that's why it was so easy to fuck you really a hoe" like i really broke down in tears because I told him about how when I was younger I was sexually abused by my step brothers and I never ever told anyone about that and he said he understood and like I won't even let anyone touch me because it brings  me back to that place to when I was younger and I trusted him and he took my virginity and for him to just throw it back in my face like that it broke me because he knew.. he knew what I went thru and how I couldn't even be comfortable being in the same room with a man or even a teenage boy by myself because I feel like something would happen I didn't even feel comfortable around my dad for the longest time and for that to happen like I'm crying right now talking about this like it took my current boyfriend 11 months for me to have sex with him and I just ended up stopping in the middle of it crying because I felt as if he was going to be the Same.. like I don't want to feel like this I always get this sickening feeling in my stomach whenever he asks me if I can come over to his house because I'm not comfortable anymore and I want to tell him but I don't know how to .. 
*Update* I told my current boyfriend about it and he said he completely understands and while I was telling him I started crying he was helping me and he said he's going to be there for me a hundred percent with whatever I want to do about the situation he said he still loves me and he doesn't see me any different I'm so blessed to have him in my life and I'm so blessed to have all these very supportive women in my comments to help me out through this Thank you all so much for helping me ❤️