The pubic hair issue

32 weeks tomorrow and starting to have issues shaving down there. I haven't been able to see what I'm doing for awhile now and the past 3 times I've shaved blindly I end up with terrible razor burn or missing spots. And every time I get razor burn I end up with painful ingrown hairs. Doing it in the mirror isn't really an option because the mirror in my bathroom is too high up and my hand mirrors too small. I know hair down there isn't really a huge deal at least not for the guy I'm with or my Dr but for me it just makes me feel gross. And honestly it makes me hot and sweaty all the time. Any tips on shaving? Or I would be open to alternative methods of hair removal. I've considered getting waxed but I feel like it will be too painful to do on multiple occasions so I might save that for one time shortly before giving birth so I'm nice and clean for the big show. But what to do in the meantime? This razor burn is killing me!