30w +5d _Placenta detached from the womb wall

So I had quite a bit of fresh bleeding last night and came to the hospital half expecting them to take a look and say "the neck of the womb is closed you can go home"

I should probably explain that since about 3 months I've had excruciating pain when I turn in bed with the sensation that the placenta I'd bring ripped from the womb & it will cause a bit of bleeding but its normally slightly red mostly brown and not a lot at all. everytime I tell the midwife or hospital this they say I'm not showing any signs of this and send me home. Which is fine but now I've been in hospital for 2 days, the doctor who initially saw me discussed the chance of the placenta coming away from the womb wall and I explained about the pain and she said yes that sounds likely....but there have been no follow ups from this.

All I've been told is that if the bleeding doesn't stop I will have to have a cesarean and being 30 weeks +5 I'm not looking forward to this outcome at all.

I guess I just needed to put it all down in writing (maybe I should invest in a diary) but I'm just so worried, nobody has followed up about these concerns that the placenta maybe detached despite me mentioning it everytime the midwife comes in and I'm still getting that tearing sensation....

Sorry just a worried mum

UPDATE: being discharged today, had no investigations. Just had baby's heartbeat monitored twice a day. No scans unless I have another episode of bleeding...the couple of times I've bled whilst in hospital doesn't count.