Bipolar disorder

Devon • 25 married UK 1st baby ❤️
Hi everyone 🙋🏻
I have Bipolar 1 disorder & I am concerned for the baby. 
I am taking 75mg of Quetiapine (seroquel in the US) - my doctors are fine with this & are monitoring me closely etc
My biggest concern is that I will pass this on to my baby. Have any of you "passed it on" to your little ones? If so how did you spot the signs, what did they do & around what age did you notice? I wasn't diagnosed until 8 months ago, however I knew I had it since I was 17 (I'm 25 now). I just don't want my poor boy to suffer undiagnosed & untreated for all those years like I did!
I am also wondering if you ended up suffering with Postnatal Depression (Postpartum I think in the US?) & if you did, did they adjust your medication?
ALSO, I've been told I'm totally fine to breastfeed & im better to breastfeed so my wee baby doesn't get withdrawal symptoms if i stop supplying Quetiapine suddenly after he is born, as obviously he wouldn't be getting it passed through the placenta anymore, so to actively continue breastfeeding & just wean him off the milk as & when I want to.
Any help is much appreciated 😊😊