Kind of frustrated

So, when I had my glucose test done, it was a two hour test. They checked my blood sugar levels, before the drink, 1 hour after the drink, and 2 hours after the drink, and I had to be fasting since midnight. Well, I failed the first and second hour HORRIBLY, which of course lead to a gestational diabetes diagnosis. I had my specialist appointment yesterday and went through a bunch of crap to get my insurance to cover some of my diabetes testing material (which I would up still paying $65). For two days now, I've been told to eat how I would normally just to see where my body is on its on. So, after checking my blood sugar levels four times a day for the past two days and eating normal (enjoying Chuys for dinner tonight and eating a kids meal from Whataburger for lunch yesterday) my blood sugar levels have been WAY lower than what they want me to keep my numbers below. I'm frustrated because it seems like my body isn't really having that hard of a time breaking down sugar, but my body just didn't do well with that stupid sugary drink which is way more sugar than I care to have. I don't want to prick my fingers 4 times a day of my numbers stay like this. 
Sorry, just really annoyed and need to vent.