Prayers for a Patience and we'll maybe something positive!


Because I want to surprise my family when I am pregnant I can't really share this with my church family, family or friends. They all have big mouths!

I am TTC with my 1st. My DH and I have been try for 6 months. AF didn't come, I'm 10 days late. All kinds of pregnancy symptoms (my husband seeing them too, he never notices anything). BUT I've had 2 BFN!!! Sigh.

So pray for me to have patience! I'm struggling, I keep struggling to trust God and afraid I'm not prego. I'm not sure how I handle it if I'm not. (Emotions are pretty crazy lately with me.) Because of Cancer 10 years ago, my docs said I have 50/50 chance I'll have trouble conceiving.

So if you can say a prayer for me tonight I'd appreciate it. I can't exactly ask for prayer tomorrow in church without everyone finding out. (The church members already ask me weekly if I've got a bun in the oven! Lol)

Thanks Ladies!