Long rant... Sorry

Samantha • I’m 28, single mom. Daughter is 7❤️
So I just found out my younger sister is pregnant again. She had her daughter her Jr year in high school and is in a custody battle with the father..... Now she's been working two jobs to take care of her boyfriend and his family (mom, dad & siblings). She and I talked a few months back about how my husband and I have been trying for almost 2 years for my #2 his first (my daughter's biological dad has nothing to do with her). She was talking about how she's not in bc and they don't like condoms but didn't need a baby bc they weren't stable. I told her she needed too use some kind of protection if she wasn't ready for kids. Now here she is pregnant again and struggling to take care of herself and the kid she already has acting like she has no idea how it happened! I'm aggravated with her because she truly knew what she was doing (she knows good and well where babies come from) and yet worried about her because she really id's struggling to take care of herself and everyone else, my niece included.... I have told her it would be easier for her if it was just her and her daughter before she got pregnant but now idk. I'm disappointed in myself for being jealous of her having no problem getting pregnant when my husband and I truly are stable and ready to grow our family... It just kinda sucks. Sorry. If anyone makes it through reading all this I'm sorry... Just had to rant. Please just say a little prayer for me and also for my sister... She's gonna have a hard time with this.