Babygirl gave us a scare today! *long post with a good ending though!

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So I'm at a normal checkup, I was feeling a little sicky but nothing terrible. It came time to hear her heartbeat which never poses an issue. She always finds it quick. This time it was a little harder. It was there but kept moving and the numbers kept bouncing around. It was on the lower normal end when it's usually in the 140s-150s. My midwife seemed a little uneasy and told me to go to the hospital to get a non stress test. I was so worried but confused because I just felt her kick??? Blood pressure was 120/80 which was okay. So I'm trying not to worry. This is my first and although she wasn't planned, she is very very much loved. So I keep calm and call my boyfriend and he wants me to pick him up.
Luckily working at the corporate center they are more flexible with taking time off and his supervisor told him "honey you don't even need to ask!" It took me about a half hour to get to his job and I tried not to overthink, but shit how am I not supposed to?? I realized the AC wasn't on but the fan part so the whole time I'm sweating like CRAZY!! What is wrong with me??? The air is full blast!! So I pick him up And he tells me that the air cooling part wasn't on. Smh. Anyway so we get to the hospital in about 10 minutes and fill out the paperwork. Man I should've pre registered but I thought I had time! Lol. They took us and hooked me up to the monitor. She had a hard time getting a steady heartbeat because whenever she wasn't holding it firm against my skin, she'd lose it on the screen. You could hear it but it wasn't staying constant. She kept kicking it! Her whole thing was she had hiccups, then kept moving and squirming away. Really active baby! Which is never a bad sign. We were finally able to get it where my boyfriend held it but about 10 minutes in, she kicked it and lost it again. She had us soo worried when really she was fine. After we got an ultrasound to make sure there was no issues with the placenta and just to get a biophysical exam. Everything looked good once again. I just hope she doesn't do this to us again šŸ˜…