Baby Elyse Cleone Smith born 7/31

Kristan • Mother of 1 and one on the way ❤️✨
I was 41.4 days when my body decided to naturally go in labor the Saturday day before my induction date at 10 days overdue. Here's my story 😍-
 (long story comment if confused as I'm bonding with baby) 
On 7/30 Saturday I had tried sleeping but couldn't at 4am because I noticed these gut wrenching grabbing like symptoms and tightening in my stomach so I decided to time them and they were exactly 5 minutes apart but I  called my hospital and then eventually went in to get a cervix check around 1 when te contractions wouldn't let up. I got a cervix check and was 1.5 cm dialated so I decided to go back home because I had an induction date which held my room open that next morning and needed my strength.  These were the contractions that led on all through Saturday going back and forth from 4.5-5 min apart. I was getting so exhausted! At about midnight Saturday I couldn't barely handle the contractions they were getting too strong at this point my mother and fiancé were anxiously waiting up helping me through the contractions just waiting for me to call the shot to head to the hospital well when tears were rolling down my face because the contractions were wearing me out we all realized it was time to go so we loaded up and rushed to the hospital at about 12:30 Saturday night. When we arrived at the hospital I was barely able to get through the contractions I was holding on to every bed rail and hand i could get to get me through the contraction. The hospital decided to submit me as o was now almost at 3 cm dialated. So laboring in my room I still had it on my mind I was determined to have my natural birth of everything with baby girl was okay. So I labored in the bath and tried the ball but I was getting exhausted as the only way I could get through the contractions was to stand and away them off. Wow were my legs tired! And so was my support team of my fiancé and mom they needed up trading off shifts and holding me up as I got through the contractions. So 4am rolls around and I'm shaking through every contraction crying thank god baby was okay but the contractions were 1-2 minutes apart and I was only at a 5 this is when I heard another woman giving birth and my adrenaline kicked in to not give up. So I went till 5am before my doctor came in and asked if I wanted any pain relief because my body started going in to shock from no rest because the contractions were back to back and I was shaking and my body was exhausted. So I decided to take fentanyl to get my body to relax through the contractions and I was able to lay in bed and nap through some contractions and catch my breath. 9am rolls around and more of my support team shows up and I'm continuing fentanyl to make sure my body is resting for pushing. I was dialated to a 7. Rolling forward to noon Sunday I start wanting to push but my cervix wasn't ready not was my water even broken I was so stubborn to have it broken because I wanted my body to decide when it was ready. But  by the time tHe pressure was so intense as the baby was station 1 and my cervix was highighet and to the side than the baby's head so we had to push the baby out of the cervix first prior to getting ready to push her out I decided o have the water broken and it moved things along . Wow did all my energy disappear though. By the time we were ready to push I was nodding off so fentanyl was given every 20 min to get me to rest up until I was ready to push. After two hours of pushing using the bar on the end of my the bed  I was put on oxygen because I just couldn't find anymore strength to push her out we had her crowned before my doctor decided to   Take action and grab the vaccume. May I add at this time there was 9 people in our birth room not including my birth staff. Big labor room! Full of love. It was beautiful and I was compleatly comfortable all the love and support from friends and family was my strength I wouldn't o experienced as natural as I went. Anyways the vaccume is around my baby girls head because her heart rate was getting low from my tired body pushing. Last set of contractions she was pulled out and placed on my chest it was beautiful! She was beautiful! Worth the 3 stitches and sore legs!  Born at 2:17pm 19.25 long 6lbs 9oz. Elyse Cleone Smith