Taboo subject?????? Rant

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like mentioning anything about not feeling so great during pregnancy is a taboo subject? Like you are ignored BC "its normal" to feel hurt or have leaking boobs? Well as a first time 23 year old mom to be, I feel like this, yes its Normal for pregnant women to have aches and pains, have miserable days, leaking boobs, discharge, pressure, pain and the whole 9 yards. Every woman has experienced the same or similar, but here's the kicker... Its all new TO ME! Its not MY normal. So if I struggle with not feeling my best some days, I don't feel like I should be ignored or brushed off. I feel like I should have support from those closest to me, I should feel like I can openly discuss what I'm experiencing. I'm only human and this is all new to me and my body is going through changes It never went through before.