Cute Story

Georgia •
don't really know if anyone would read this but hey ho. felt like sharing 😊
So in 2014 I fell head over heals for this guy I met at school. we were best friends and he used to hug me and keep asking if I was okay and tell me he loved me (which I thought as a friend, boy was I wrong) he always used to come to me for relationship advice and I'd help but all I wanted to do was kiss him right there. he's constantly touch me and make me laugh. even when he was together with my EX- best friend. Now for the cute/cheesy bit 😂 whenever we were out and about he would hold my hand and kiss me on the cheek. we weren't even together at this point. one night he stayed at my house and we were cuddling on the sofa and he came in and kisses me 😜 it was the best feeling to have the love of your life's lips on yours. so we started snogging and then he dry humped me on the floor and I fell asleep 😂 after that ordeal and he woke me up we shared French fries together. BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE 💕 we've now been together for 11 months on the 5th. couldn't be happier !!