Does your SO like the smell? + STORY TIME

My SO were making out and getting frisky at his place. Right when he started reaching down my panties, I told him, "Stop, babe, I'm on my period." 
   He had a fierce look in his eye and said, "I really don't care about the mess. I'll clean it up."
   "No, that's gross babe. I'll do you favors, but not that today." Disappointed, he started pouting a little bit but then poured all that energy into sucking my nipples and kissing me. It really was a shame because I really wanted him too, I just couldn't. But then he started kissing and licking, moving down my body, then pulled my panties down with his teeth. Then I heard him... Sniff.
   "Hey!" I moved back. "What was that?"
   "Oh my god, I'm going to die, you're going to kill me," he pleaded.
   I scoffed. "So much so that you had to get a whiff of my bloody vagina??"
   "It turns me on so much, I love it."
   "Seriously?" Men are so ridiculous, I laughed to myself. Then he forcefully pulled my body up against his raging hardness and looks me with frustration.
   "Babe, it's driving me fucking crazy. Please." 
I gasped at the suddenness and finally gave in.
   "Go get some towels."
   I swear, that guy bolted out of the bed, slipped on his own pants and fell on his back. I died laughing. 
   So tell me, does your SO do this too?