Baby shower bust :(

I was planning to have a baby shower so badly this month, but financially almost anything I came up with was a bust. I live in Washington DC so pretty much everything here is expensive. I've tried calling brunch areas to reserve a small section for a baby shower & brunch where everyone pays for their meal, it was pretty much half of my paycheck. I've tried calling parks to reserve a picnic area with a grill, but supplying the food to grill for everyone was a lot. Can't throw my own shower at my house because i rent with a friend atm & will be moving to my mom's who lives an hour away. The only baby shower I'll have is from my job, which I'm so thankful for. Any other momma's going through a financial crisis or didn't have a shower? I feel like a huge fail because I can't afford it & I have unreliable not so loving friends that begged to plan my baby shower but I didn't want to be a fool & be disappointed when they would bail.