My birth story 💙

Alisha • Mother of two ❤️
I was due 8/6/16 and had a membrane sweep at 37 weeks and 38 weeks due to my history of a 4th degree tear and shoulder dystocia with my first born.  Around 8:30 in the morning on the 7/28 (at 38w+4d) i woke up to a trickling feeling. I got up and felt a gush of fluid and went to the restroom. I ended up soaking through 2 pads so I knew it was my water. I called my hubby and we went to the hospital. We were there for 4 hours and of course my water stopped leaking and I didn't start dilating so they sent me home after looking at an ultrasound to make sure baby still had enough water. Once I got home I started leaking fluid on and off all night so I went back the next morning and they finally decided it was my water after viewing a sample on a slide.  They told me I'd be delivering right away either by c-section or induction. After hearing all the risks of both and due to dr being concerned about another 4th degree tear/shoulder dystocia (my ob/gyn was on vacation so it was an on-call dr delivering me) hubby and i decided a c-section would be less risky for both myself and the baby. I was nervous but it all happened so fast and 2 hours later I had my baby boy in my arms! My doctor allowed me to do immediate skin to skin while they stitched me up and I was also allowed to do skin to skin while in the recovery room once they checked baby out, which was really important to me. Here is Landon James born 7/29/16 7lbs 2oz, 19 3/4" :)