Say no!

I'm just curious why some women find it so hard to stand up for themselves and say no? If your husband or SO or whoever is doing something to make you uncomfortable, tell them to back the hell up and respect your space and not to do it again. It's called boundaries and respect. So many people rant about their SO's doing things, but don't ever say anything to them. How does that fix things? You are not powerless. Or weak. You are a human that can say no and there's nothing wrong with that. If you say no and they don't obey, that's a separate issue. But if you say nothing then how does the person know your uncomfortable? Like waking up to your SO trying to have sex with you. Some say it's amazing and some thing it's violating. These are where boundaries come in. If they try something new and you say no, GOOD FOR YOU! You are awesome for using your voice!! If you sit here and bitch about it then it's not going to get any better. Ugh