Okay ladies, I need advice!!

So I'm high risk pregnant with twin girls. Tomorrow I'll be 33 weeks. I go to a specialist twice a week. Yesterday at the specialist I got sent over to the hospital because the babies heart rates were up and down. After a few hours of monitoring they stabilized and sent me home. Quite a few contractions were picked up on the monitors as well. 
The week before last week I was also sent to the hospital for contractions and had to take meds to stop them. They also said I was 1cm dialated. During my hospital stay they did the fetal Fibernectin test showing I would not deliver within two weeks so they sent me home. 
Contractions were monitored at 3-5 minutes apart yesterday and today are about the same but a little more intense along with pain in my vagina when I walk. The fetal Fibernectin test showed I wouldn't deliver within two weeks which will be up this Friday. 
I've debated going to the hospital all day but haven't because I'm scared they'll hospitalize me this time & I don't want to be hospitalized especially with two toddlers at home & a hard working husband. 
He begged and pleaded me to go in before he left for work but I'm being stubborn. 
What do y'all think, concerning enough to go in or should I stick it out until either I can't handle the contractions/water breaks??