Using Apple juice for constipation?

Jordan • I'm 25 years old, mami to Guillermo born May 7, 2016, and expecting baby #2 in April 2018 ❤️
My son will be 3 months on Sunday and I'm pretty sure he's constipated. He hasn't pooped for more than 48 hours (he's formula fed and usually poops once a day) and 4 times tonight he was pushing and turning red trying to poop, but nothing ever came out. I feel so bad for him and I've read things about giving an ounce of apple juice in his formula, but since he's still happy and smiling, I wasn't sure if it's necessary, and I don't want to give him juice since he's so little. I already put a call in to the triage line, but they haven't returned my call. He hasn't been crying or anything, so I wasn't super concerned, but obviously he's trying to poop unsuccessfully. Anyone ever give juice to their baby this young?