Went from 1cm dilated to closed?!?

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm a FTM and at my 36 week appointment I was told I was 1cm dilated and 50% effaced. I had my 38 week appointment today and when she checked me again she said I was closed and 50% effaced? I'm going backwards 😩 I havnt been walking the last couple weeks due to hip/growing pains and my feet being too swollen to fit in my shoes but me and my husband have had sex at least twice everyday! I will go back to the doctor at 38+6 and was told if I didn't have any changes she would let me pick a day to induce! I'm so ready to meet him and really thought I had made some progress so I was pretty bummed out today BUT on the bright side I was finally able to get a 3D of my little mans face! He's got his mommas chubby cheeks that's forsure