Evap Line?

Alexus β€’ After 7 miscarriages & slightly complicated pregnancy my first baby has made it to the world born April 3,2017 6lbs 4oz. Ayden Joshua πŸ’› & Ashton Franklin 11/11/18 πŸ’š
So last night I took a test. Drank some Pepsi and water and called it a night. Couldn't sleep so I figured POAS! Lol so I did. I dipped the strip in the cup as soon as I urinated. Then let the cup sit started to see a line at the 5 minute mark. Didn't believe my eyes so I dipped 2 more about 15 minutes later. BFN.
I've been testing and all the test had a shadow then dry and BFN. So is it a BFP or Evap? Please help? The bottom is the first test the top was 15 minutes later.