Everyone but ME

EVERYONE AROUND ME IS PREGENANT...I've been trying for so long..I had to get my thyroid under control and now it's perfectly normal..did all the fertility test and everything is good..my fiance is taking his test on monday...but he will probably be fine since he has had a kid before..my best friend is pregnant and tomorrow im going with her to find out what she is having..at first I was really sad and didn't talk to her for a few days when she told me she was pregnant...childish I know..but I needed time to myself..but I'm over that....I don't know what else to do..I'm trying to lose wieght..I've lost 30lbs and know I need a long way to go but ughhh.i just want a baby so bad...I feel like I have NOBODY to talk to except for my fiance ...it makes me so angry when people tell me you don't want kid right now they are a lot of work..you know what DON'T EVER TELL ANYONE THAT...especially If you don't know the struggle....vent over....sorry..it just feel so beat down right now..it feel like giving up on this..