Sad not mad

✨Izzi✨ • in a relationship // plan to be child free.
So recently mine and my boyfriends work schedules have meant that we hardly spend any time together and the past couple days I've finished work early afternoon and had to come back and just wait for him to wake up so we could spend a couple hours together before he had to go back to work (he does nights). Tonight is his night off and we had planned to go to a pub quiz with his step dad, but he said he wasn't gonna go tonight. So then boyfriend was like "oh in that case I'm going to go see <friend>" and I know I can't be mad at him because it was his friends birthday the other day, but I'm just really sad because we were finally going to have a whole evening together and now we can't for ages 😓😓😓 
It's not like I'm even going to see him when he gets back, because I'll be well asleep by then. am I being ridiculous?