well, we scheduled my c-section.. I'm due sept. 3, and we were going to do the section on August 29, but the hospital couldn't accommodate me until sept. 1... my only issue is that sept 1 is my mil's bday.. 🙄
I really didn't want my DD to share a bday with anyone, but you gotta do what you can do, right? my moms bday was aug 25, so I didn't want to have her then either...
it was on fb, but I don't think I put it on this group. my mother passed away may 29. I'm not looking forward to her bday, and I'm not looking forward to her not being here for my dd's birth. every time I think about it getting closer to time, I get sad. I want to call her all the time. I can't get out of the denial stage.. it makes no sense to me to lose my mom at only 32 years old. my mom was 50. she had some serious health issues, but she was in the hospital for her stomach, was supposed to have surgery to fix that problem, but instead had 2, possibly 3, cardiac events. she was in arrest for a total of 30 min. she was awake and off the respirator, but just at a low cognitive level. she didn't seem to fully recognize us or anything. she passed after finally getting to see my daughter. I think she knew on some level she needed to see her angel girl. they wouldn't let her in the CICU. 
anyway, I just wanted to update you all on when baby Piper will be born and just voice some issues I'm having.. I'm sad, but I'm so excited to meet my baby girl. :)