We Can Rape All We Want.. Can't We?

Austin Wilkerson raped a half conscious woman because he was pissed that she rejected his offer for sex. The judge served him 2 years work release and 20 years probation saying jail won't do him any justice. 
This is become way to common and ridiculous. How dare men mistreat the sex the gave them LIFE. 
Then the MALE judges give them these un-harsh punishments which then gives other males, in my opinion, an opportunity to continue this culture. 
What satisfaction do you get out of taking sex from someone who can't consent? 
This is a scary world we woman live in and to think that we may one day bring a daughter into this world. 
We can teach our daughters all they need to know about pedophiles and rapist and we can teach our sons all they need to know about the consequences of rape but at he end of the day they'll do what they please.  I just hope to instill my children with the right morals. 
How does it make you feel that men are getting off so easily for rape? What do you think society needs to do to fix this problem? How can we woman overcome this?