2 weeks PP and feeling awesome!

I was fixing my hair while daddy was with the baby and managed to snap a picture of myself, feeling beautiful and proud. It's the first time I was able to get dressed, but it's beside the point - I was still marveling in my PJs before this picture lol. 
I feel AWESOME about myself PP, something I never thought would happen. I've always been a little vain, and as my pregnancy progressed I beat myself up about my weight gain, stretch marks, pregnancy acne - every change was detrimental in my eyes and couldn't be undone. I mourned the loss of my favorite jeans, my favorite tops, and subscribed to a uniform of sweat pants and tank tops - if I even felt like putting a shirt on that day. My own laziness depressed me, I felt like this was going to be "me" forever now. 
Flash forward 2 weeks later and I have the most darling 2 week old boy. I don't get to doll myself up still, but it's not a loss any more. I put down eyeliner and picked up receiving blankets, pacifiers and diapers. Lost the hiss of a curling iron but now I have the gentle snores of my son. There's been a few stretches of 0 showers for days, I've forgotten deodorant and shaving is a laugh, but it's been a great trade.
I dropped most of the weight. I still have a ton of red tiger stripes on my belly and it's still jello-y and soft - the marks will lighten but always be there... but I feel great and strong and beautiful and interesting because of them. I used to think "battle scars" was corny. It's not. 
Pregnancy is weird and wild and amazing. Everyone's journey is different, we carry different and struggling and succeed and grow these little people, undergo really drastic changes. In the end though, it's so worth it. Happy babies, everyone - and don't forget to celebrate how freaking awesome you all are. Cuz you are!