Name Problems

So my husband and i recently found out that we were expecting again a few days ago and even before I've had my heart set on Ariel for a little girl. Problem is he lied and told me that was the name him and his ex were gonna name their baby if it was a girl. Turns out he just said that because he thought that was the name she had for her daughter with her husband now. Even though he says that they were actually going to name the baby Lana if they ever had a child I have been completely put off by the name because of what he told me and I'm completely heartbroken and upset because I've told him before we fell pregnant again how much I've liked that name and he and his family didn't bother to mention to me how they felt about the name. I really don't want to name my child that just so i can now be reminded of his ex. I'm so upset for them ruining this name for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm getting overly emotional about this whole situation.