Maternity session insanity


Well I feel like our maternity photo session was a disaster. Ok maybe that's a little dramatic, but still.

You may remember I posted awhile back about including my dog in them. He acted like a complete fool. šŸ˜³ Like we maybe got 1 with him in it that will be a "funny" one because he wasn't cooperating at all. He's usually so laid back!

Other than that I just felt like I was awkward. Idk why. We haven't done any pictures since our wedding 5 years ago and I'm just a weirdo in general, I guess. I wasn't sure how to put my hair in the pictures (it's long) and I feel like I tried to be too "model-y". I smiled not showing my teeth in a lot of them, which I don't normally do, so it just came off kinda unnatural. My husband looked more relaxed and natural and he hates pictures! šŸ˜Ÿ

The lighting, setting, my outfit, etc was great, I just feel like my smile blew the whole thing. Basically I'm crazy, people. She offered to do more in a different location another day because I think she sensed my weirdness and "new" smile I tried out.

Sorry for the rant.