First love

Falling in love was easy, the inbetween is not  the best. I love my boyfriend, we have been together for 9 months. We have been our first everything, except for kiss. It has been a surreal relationship, because we know eachother from highschool but really became close in college. He was my bestfriend/crush during first year, and in second year he asked me to be his girlfriend after months of dating. At the begging it was amazing, he was the best boyfriend I could have ever dreamed of. We saw eachother almost every day, we talked a lot, we could do anything together, being together was my priority because it made me feel so completed. I mean I thought I had found the love of my life. I dreamt of having his kids, moving together and starting a life later on. But things haved changed, He is less loving, more distracted, and busy with work. I don't mind that he works, talks less,  i feel that he has lost interest in being together. Now he is going to a different college and we are going to have less time to see eachother. I'm quick to think that the relationship has to end. There's to many things that arent like they used to, we fight more because I want him be the man I fell for. I feel he doesnt care as much for the relationship and he puts in less effort. Its hard because I'm holding on to the past. I don't want things to be like this, fights every day, and feeling so un loved when we are apart. I don't know if i can keep fighting on or if I should stop this. I dont know what would hurt the most? Being together but feeling strange or letting go of the first person I haved ever loved? If i were to see a actual change from his side I would be so happy.