Happy Girlfriend ❤️

Courtney🤘🏻 • I just want to cuddle my boyfriend and pet my cat. 👫🐱
So as cheesy as this sounds, I just got the best hug I've ever received from my boyfriend. 
We were in an accident July 28th, and today was the first day I've gotten a standing full hug, and I cried. Since then we havnt been sleeping in the same bed, cuddling, really kissing or nothing. I have been craving his contact, the most we can do is hold hands. We're both on crutches. 
Well today, we were coming home from yet another hospital visit, and I was hoping over to my couch to lay down and he looks at me and says "come here baby" so I did and he pulls me in close and says "I havnt held my world in 17 days, I need to hold it again", I hug him, put my head on his chest cause I'm short, hear is heart beating fast, and start crying. He asks me what's wrong, and I say "I've missed being held by you, I'm craving your touch", he then sits, and pulls me into his lap, being careful that both are legs are okay, and holds me for a while, and I stop crying and just feel so content and peacefully happy. 
It was the best minutes since that accident. I am so thankful for him! Without him id be lost. 
Share some of your cute stories and moments with your so's :)