HFM & 34+4

I'm currently 34+4 & me, my fiance, & son all have Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease at the same time. My son got it first, then my Fiance, & now me. When my son first got diagnosed with it the Dr's said that'd I'd be fine being around it & that it wouldn't effect my pregnancy. Well, my Fiance contracted it from my son a few days later & then I contracted it from my Fiance a few days later after that. I went in to see an OB this past Friday to get checked cuz I was having bad abdominal pains the night before along with a fever. Right after she checked the baby's hr she sent me directly to L&D cuz my baby's hr was too high, it was staying at a constant 170-190s. Apparently, the fever was causing me to get dehydrated, have contractions, & stress out the baby. After I was in L&D for 3hrs my Fiance came up from the L&D parking lot with my son cuz they weren't gonna wait in the car any longer, L&D didn't want them up there cuz of how contagious HFM Disease is, but my Fiance wanted to be there me & our baby, plus, we all know an 11mo boy doesn't wanna stay in his car seat forever either. Anyways, 4hrs later they were able to get me hydrated, slow the contractions, & stabilize the baby's hr thank goodness. We are now known at L&D as the family with Hand, Foot, & Mouth....😯 HFM last for 14 days & there's NOTHING you can do for it so I'm hoping for the rest of the time my sweet baby girl won't get too stressed out anymore cuz she scared mommy enough on Friday. She needs to stay in utero for AT LEAST 9 more days when I get to 36 weeks.