Ours Began (a poem on becoming a mother that I wrote)

Starr • Selenya Avery born July 24, 2016! 🎀 Angel Baby Lily🌸👼🏼 Secilia Elizabeth born October 15th 2021 🌈💖
Nine months ago
The Lord called upon me,
He said "I know what's best.
Place your faith in me
And my child you'll see,
I'll handle all the rest.".
"But Father-" I told him 
"I'm so undeserving of this gift;
the greatest one could get.
To be a mother
I'd surely forever 
be in heavenly debt.".
He said "Show her how to love,
teach her to grow in Christ-
that's how I'll be repaid.
I'm trusting you,
your strength shines through,
now adore her all your days.".
A miracle was created,
a precious life was given-
a very child of His own.
He blessed my being
to have so much more meaning.
It was destined in my bones.
My body to be cherished;
it was no longer my own- 
a temple isn't to be reckless
And now life wouldn't be 
All about me 
It was time to be selfless.
So I spent my nights dreaming 
and longing just to know
Who will she become?
What lives will she save?
Hearts will be engraved.
So much love to come.
With every kick and flutter
I'd imagine her tiny toes
And wonder where they'll go.
Who will she meet?
What will she defeat?
So much there is to know.
Anticipating the day
And awaiting the moment 
That I'd look into her eyes.
To God be the glory
for it's in that unwritten story
where true innocence lies.
A calm came over the world
As my life stopped and ours began-
Everything to be shared.
And when she finally came
through the strength and the pain
It was into my eyes she starred.
It's like she knew it was meant to be
that God promised her me
& as I looked to her on my chest
with joy I cried,
called to the sky,
And said "you really do know best." 
-By Starrett Houghton
Selenya Avery and I at two weeks post partum. 💕