Update on the "I'm so mean" post

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For those who didn't see it, my MIL made a statement once that her grandson (my child), would never wear anything with the University of Oklahoma on it. So I dressed him in this today to visit her in.

I also posted it on Facebook with the caption "Boomer Sooner". She usually likes and shares every picture I post of him. But she did not like or share this one. She also expressed her dislike for OU when she saw him, and just kept making little statements here and there about how she didn't like the outfit. Did I change him because of this? Nope 😊 I sat there secretly loving the fact that there was nothing she could do about it because he's my child and I make the decisions for him, not her.

She's also said some other things about "her baby" that just kinda make me grit my teeth. Even when the doctor was still stitching me up from the two tears I received she was blowing up my phone about why she didn't have pictures of, once again, "her baby" yet because my grandma had already received a picture from my sister. (Long story short, I had my sister in the delivery room with me and my husband because I wanted someone I was super close to just in case my husband passed out).

So basically, me doing this today was oddly satisfying for me.