HOW does anyone stay sane???


I'm on my tww after BDing a couple days before I ovulated. I know my chances aren't high, but I can't help but be (cautiously) hopeful. AF is supposed to start in 7 days, and it is driving me crazy with how PMS symptoms are also pregnancy symptoms.

How do all of you lovely ladies stay calm? :)

Background: I'm 25, DH 26, and I stopped taking BC Dec 31st of last year. We didn't focus much on tracking after a lot of negative opks and realizing cervical checks just weren't for me. This is our first month where I tracked and had a positive opk. My gyno/ob, friends, and family are all super confident we won't have a problem, but that actually makes me more anxious because I feel pressured. I'm not delusional. I know I'm overweight and I don't excercise as regularly as I should, and I don't eat as healthy as I should, but I still feel like if it's not happening, there's something wrong because everyone else is so positive. I know glow is a wonderful community of women who are all at having varying degrees of difficulty ttc, and I just wanted to confirm that I'm not crazy for feeling this way.