Insulin Prescription Because of Baby's Weight

Lady Mae

Hello, everyone. I just want to ask if anybody had been prescribed insulin just because the baby is overweight for his/her age? I was diagnosed with GDM and my blood sugar is normal just because of dieting, but my doctor said that he prescribes insulin even if glucose is normal, so long as the baby is overweight.

I had my anomaly scan today and the impression was: "No sonologic evidence of fetal anomaly seen in this scan." And I think that's a good result. But my baby's weight is 727 grams at 24 weeks and 4 days and I read online that 600 grams is the normal weight. So, I am a bit worried that my GDM doctor will force me to take insulin. Sigh. I can't wait to meet my OBGYN this Thursday, so that she could read my scan. Though am dreading my GDM doctor's appointment.

Anyone with experience on this? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!