I'm not sure how many really know about this but it is something that can happen in pregnancy. Usually you get symptoms in the third trimester and it's itchy hands and feet and NO RASH. However, symptoms can come sooner (mine was 27-28 weeks rather than 34-35 weeks) and your blood work can take time to come back positive. I started itching all over and NOT my hands and feet and no antihistamines NOTHING was helping and we did lab work THREE times before my bile acid levels came back positive. I honestly felt crazy and I couldn't sleep at night bc I was scratching so bad. It is the worst at night. I have scabs all over from scratching but no rash. If you feel there is something wrong, stay on the doctors. If you are having something like this, reach out!! You aren't alone!! I am pretty scared as I will now have to deliver at 36-37 weeks but at least I will be closely monitored and shouldn't loose my baby now since that can happen if you don't get proper care etc!!