She is here!!!

My girl has arrived! Chrysoula Finn 8/29 at 4:42 pm, 8 pounds 7 ounces 20 1/4 inches. Came in on Monday to be induced at 39+3 due to GD. Got in my room at 5:30am and started. I was super nervous being a FTM but so excited! Everything was moving along and the dr came in st 7:45am and broke my water and the contractions started right away 4-5 minutes apart. Then after the first 5 or so dropped to every 3 minutes. They said it would take about an hour to get the epidural once requested. Well, that is when it all started. The pain was so intense and I had  less then 30 seconds before the next one started. I requested the epidural within 10 minutes of my water breaking. Apparently I was screaming so loud the dr came in within 15 minutes and started right away. Finally some relief, or so I thought. My legs and stomach were numb but nothing in my pelvic area. So every time I could feel the contraction in my pelvis my body beared down. At that point that was fine. I came in at 5 centimeters and had progressed to 7. So the dr would come in every 30 minutes or so and give me more meds through my IV to try to compensate for the pelvic area. At this point it had been about 4 hours of natural labor as the epidural just wasnt working. They checked me again and I was 9 centimeters but apparently there is a lip in my cervix and from me bearing down has caused my cervix to swell. We all made the choice together to take out the current epidural and replace knowing the risk could be that the new one wouldn't work at all. Well of course it didn't so now I was thrashing with every contraction that was about 1-2 minutes apart. My husband was so helpless and said I looked like the exorcist. I literally thought I was going to die! The dr came in and wanted to check me again and if no
Progress get rid of the lip so we could move forward, yeah, that wasn't happening. I had lost all control and screamed and cried. My other option at this point was a C-section but it would be under general as the epidural wasn't working. I told him to do it! I couldn't stand the pain any longer and just needed relief. The Pitocin had been stopped for over an hour and this was my body. The dr tried to convince me to just get checked and I may only have to push a time or two and she would be out. I screamed I am not pushing her out! He finally told me I needed to get under  control and breathe through it. I literally had nothing left. They opened another OR and  prepped me
For general anesthesia. I woke up a short time later with no more pelvic pain and my husband holding our Rainbow Baby. 
She is my 4th pregnancy and first living baby! I had both tubes removed after my last tubal and she is the the product of one round of <a href="">IVF</a>, throw PCOS in there and dialation At 19+3 which resulted in an emergency cerclage. This pregnancy has been nothing short of uneventful and a complete miracle. The second I seen that face it all went away and a rush of love completely filled my body. We are both doing amazing and the lack of sleep in the last few days and weeks doesn't even matter.
Sorry the post is so long but if there are any woman struggling with infertility please do not give up!