23 weeks and emotions are taking over.

I'm 23 weeks pregnant with a baby girl, me and my husband are so excited. But my hormones are making me so emotional that I keep freaking out on my husband over stupid stuff, I sat down at his computer desk and the slide out keyboard dropped on our hard wood floor, my husband yelled and said what the hell are you doing, because it is in fact his gaming computer and everything about it is super expensive, usually I would understand cause I do and just let him fix it so I can use it real fast, but instead I freaked out calling him a asshole and saying I was done with his shit and to leave me alone, and I went to our bedroom and cried, well I felt better and asked him if we could go eat cause I was hungry and that usually makes it worse, well he didn't say anything so I let him be and went back to the room, he then got his shoes on and just left, didn't tell me where he was going or doing  , didn't say 1 word. Just left. And I know he's just pissed at me for freaking out on him but I literally can't control it. I try so hard I usually just walk away before I freak out. It's driving me crazy and I don't think he understands that it's hurting me and stressing me out a lot more then him. 😔