Bad luck to visit a grave when pregnant?

My brother in law passed last November, I was 15 weeks pregnant when we went his funeral I read stories of it being bad luck but after 2 losses one early and one due to genetic issues that were ruled out at 10 weeks I figured the bad luck was over pregnancy wise, that baby was stillborn with no know cause at 37+4  weeks April 2016. The ONLY thing I can think of is going to the funeral or cemetery all together, crazy? Maybe but I'm like the poster child for what to do and what not to do and that all I can think of, ANYWAYS his 21st birthday is in 4 days and I just happen to surprise! Be 5 weeks pregnant and LET ME TELL YOU it's been rough trying to get through each day. So Ina but shell am I crazy to believe that it was caused from attending a funeral and I should avoid his 21st birthday gathering in the cemetery or I'm a complete lunitic and should go? Either way I can tell you I'm not going but want to Know others opinions. End of rant. 

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