I am sooo freaking excited!!!



I am so disappointed, he didn't even show up, and he just messaged my mom saying he was asleep. I'm so sad because I've been waiting so long to see him, just to be disappointed. But I still had lunch with my mom and sister, and my mom paid, which was very very nice of her, definitely paying her back when I get paid. Still so blessed to have an amazing family <3

Ok this is not baby related, but it's something I've been looking forward to for a very long time! I haven't seen my brother in like 2-3 years just due to his own personal issues that I will not be discussing, but anyways, I'm having lunch with him today. I cannot contain the amount of excitement. I miss him so much, he's been an amazing big brother to me and had always been there for me. I'm totally giving him a huge hug when I see him! 😁😁😁