Seeking birth stories!!p

Kirsty • <3 love my son <3

Good afternoon, ladies!!

My name is Kirsty, and I am currently studying for my certification to be a Doula! It is very exciting for me to be going into a career where I can help women during one of the most emotional times of their lives! One of my assignments requires me interviewing four women who have given birth in countries other than America for my "Traditions Across Cultures" essay.

If anyone is interested in telling me your stories, you may do so anonymously, or I can change your name in my essay. The only person other than me that will be reading it is my instructor, and obviously we hold no judgement about any decisions you may have made during your labor and/or delivery.

If anyone is interested, you would be doing me a big favor!

Here are the interview questions:

Where did you give birth?

What was your pregnancy and birth like? (Be as specific and detailed as you feel comfortable with.)

How were you treated by friends, family, caregivers , etc.?

What traditions did you follow?

Are the traditions where you gave birth changing, or going by the wayside?

What were your mother's traditions when she had you?

What do you like and dislike about the traditions?

Are these traditions more religious, cultural, or just practical?