To the ladies who don't want to be judged...

This is real life. If you go online, ESPECIALLY if you say that you're doing something shady (like seeing a married man or something), people are going to call you on it. If you don't want people to tell you that you're doing something wrong, don't ask for advice. It all goes together. You can't say "give me advice, but not THIS advice." We are not going to pay you in the back and pretend that we don't are that you're fucking up your or someone else's life. So please stop asking for "no judgement", because when you say that, you know perfectly well there's something wrong there. It's just tiresome.
By the way, "judgement" here is weighing whether something is right or wrong. Please don't assume that women who say you're doing something wrong are just pushing you down to make themselves feel better. You're just cheating yourself of some good advice.