Baby here yet!??? hormonal mess!

Sooo I work night shift as a nurse. I seriously only slept like 1 hr during the day once I got to sleep, and had to be back at work that night. I'm 38 wks preggo and everything hurts. I felt awful of course when I got up, migraine, tired, achy, all the extra joys of being pregnant... My hubs looked at me and said, well you get 12 wks off for maternity leave, I don't get that. The F$#% you just say?! Me being extra hormonal lately just looked at him, because I was about to end up on the show snapped! Just felt his comment was rude and not supportive. Like, I didn't get an ounce of sleep on top of being 38 wks pregs and had to go back to work for another 13 hr nightshift shift. Which is super hard to stay awake for these days. When he's sick/doesn't feel well I always seem to go out of the way to make him feel better,etc. I'm sure it's part of my hormones too, but felt like he should of said/did something to be more supportive and kind to his super pregnant wife, not make little comments. Men!! 🙄 Sigh. Rant over.